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The Complete Works of Shakespeare (Abridged)

Last Saturday, Josh and I, and two of our friends went to Times Square to see the Reduced Shakespeare Company perform The Complete Works of Shakespeare….Abridged. All of Shakespeare’s plays and sonnets in one handy-dandy 100 minute production. Performed by three men.

One word: Hilarious!

Josh and I had seen the DVD back in college but this time around, it was even funnier. There were more current references to Wikipedia and even Twilight at one point. There were a lot of kids in the audience which struck us as very odd. How do they know Shakespeare? And what are the parents thinking…it’s bawdy and full of language. Yes, it’s hilarious but knowing Shakespeare makes it funnier. I feel likes some of the stuff might have just gone over their heads, despite all the laughing I heard at the men on stage who pretended to throw up and dressed in women’s clothing. But do they know what a transvestite even is? These kids were in booster seats!!!!

To give you an idea, here’s a video of an interview they did for a local news station just recently. Some of the lines were used in the actual stage production (ie, the name of the comedies and the Othello rap):

And for some more amusement, from an older production of theirs, here is the RSC’s biography of Shakespeare:


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