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In My Mailbox (40)

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It was a quiet week. Got two books in the mail from PaperBackSwap:

Paradys–the city–was a place of decadence and decay, of luxury and lasciviousness, and, after the revolution, a graveyard peopled by the insane and the dead . . . and by those who preyed on both. The strange and the tormented dwell in Paradys–prowling its dark streets and twisted alleyways, passing the endless hours in the city’s elegant mansions and smoke-tarnished inns, wandering in moldering graveyards and the stark surrounding countryside. For the land here is bound by a timeless, soul-chilling magic, and that power has cast its spell over all who have ever lived in this foreboding and dangerous place. All who came to Paradys were forever touched by its dread magic. The City was not one place but three, bound together by a labyrinth of ice yet separated, perhaps by time, perhaps by some long-forgotten enchantment, into Paradise, Paradis and Paradys–each cursed in an entirely different way. Witness the city of Paradys’ life and history through the eyes of its provocative and perverse citizens–a darkly fascinating odyssey as only World Fantasy Award winner Tanith Lee could imagine it. (What can I say about Ms. Tanith Lee? She is such a different writer. She has such a unique writing ability. I don’t think there is anyone like her in the literary world these days. I have been wanting to read this cycle for awhile. And boy, is it a chunkster. But I am so eager to find out the beauty inside the pages.)

What Alisa has desired for five thousand years has finally come true: She is once again human. But now she is defenseless, vulnerable, and, for the first time in centuries, emotional. As she attempts to reconcile her actions as a vampire with her new connection to humanity, she begins to understand the weight of life and-death decisions. Can Alisa resolve her past and build a new identity, or is she doomed to repeat her fatal mistakes? (Really looking forward to see what will enfold for Alisa. I really liked the collection in the first omnibus. It was quite refreshing to read about a strong female vampire. I’m tellin’ ya: Mr. Pike was way ahead of the game.)

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