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Bookbinders’ Guild of New York 24th Annual NY Book Show

So what was this?

It’s the show where you get to touch and feel all sorts of books. And judging is based purely on the packaging. The judging actually happens back in late Fall, and in March the winning books are put on display for you to look at in the annual show. So all those books you see in bookstores that are shrink wrapped and you can’t open to see what’s inside? Well this is a person’s chance to do so!

These were for books published in 2009 and categories ranged from Picture Book to Illustrated Novel (actually a new category this year) to Pop-Up to Hardcover Fiction to Gift Books to Cookbooks, and so forth.

A coworker actually had an extra ticket so at the last minute I decided to go for the first time. I didn’t hear of this show until I started working at my current job only two years ago. It’s a small event. The books are displayed on two very long tables and with food and seating provided, you can take your time with mingling, eating and touching the books.

The New York Book Show also ends up being a shopping list. I came across some interesting books, like a baseball nonfiction book that I think would be great for a friend. They had a massive Italian cookbook which looked so elegant. Oh and this cute board book about a pig that does karate.

And what is the Bookbinder’s Guild. Well they are: Established in 1926, the Bookbinders’ Guild of New York is a trade organization composed of professionals throughout the book publishing and manufacturing industry. The Guild hosts monthly meetings on current topics in publishing, The New York Book Show, The Barge Bash, charitable events to promote literacy, and sponsored educational trips and seminars. The Guild has several volunteer committees who organize all events – Education, Membership, Program, Book Show, and Fundraising.

To find out who the winners and runners-up were, click along for: Children’s Trade, School Publishing, General Trade, Special Trade, and Scholarly and Professional. Within those categories, you can see the other categories and which books got which place.

The Guild has a Facebook page and they just recently posted some pictures from the event, which is good, considering I didn’t take any. Too busy oohing-and-aahing over books.

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