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So in preparation for BEA, I thought I would try to at least not acquire any more books. I told myself, “No more buying!” Well, that ultimately failed this past week. Here’s what I ordered from bn.com:

Trust Dreams.
Trust your heart,
and trust your story.
A renowned storyteller whose words have transported readers to magical realms and an acclaimed illustrator of lushly imagined fairy-tale landscapes guide a traveler safely through lands unknown and yet strangely familiar . . .
. . . and home again. (This finally released this week and I was so happy when it came. I was quite surprised at how small it was. Not the usual picture book size, but still just as wonderful to look at. The illustrations of course are marvelous. I’ve read it a couple of times already.)

The year 1978 has been a pretty good one for Eva Lott. She has a terrific best friend, she’s dating the best-looking guy in school, and she just made the varsity swim team. So when her widowed dad says it’s time for them to move, she’s not exactly thrilled. And when he tells her that he intends to move to Communist Poland to help with a radical underground movement . . . Well, it’s all downhill from there.  Soon Eva has been transplanted from her comfortable Chicago suburb to a land that doesn’t even have meat in its stores, let alone Peter Frampton records. And everywhere she goes, the government is watching. But Eva begins to warm to her new life. Sometime between eating lard on bread and dodging the militia, she makes a handsome new friend, Tomek. And soon she is wondering if maybe she’s found home in the most unlikely of places. (How did I not know this book existed?!?! This is what my parents lived through. These are the stories I grew up on. This is the Poland my parents and I left behind in the 80s. I found out about this book while reading another blog and I was floored to see that it was published only a few years ago. I instantly bought it. Just from the subject matter alone, I think this will be read very soon.)

Ok, so I’m really going to try to get it together and not buy anymore books…keeping fingers crossed.

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