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Author Event: Isabel Allende

Monday night I went to the Union Square Barnes and Noble to see Isabel Allende speak, in support of her newest book, The Island Beneath the Sea. I had picked this book as a recent Waiting on Wednesday post. I am so in love with the cover, mostly for the texture of it.

The store was packed! So many people turned out to see her, which I thought was great. I had no idea what to expect from Ms. Allende, I just had no idea what sort of person she was. Let me just say this: what a lady! She had a wonderful sense of humor. And so funny and sassy. I loved her accent as well.

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She started by reading a passage from her new book and when saw there were a few kids in the audience she went “Uh-oh! I’m going to have to censor this passage.” So she read, and at one point she went, “Oh this is too much to censor, let me just skip ahead.”

Below is a video of her I took with my phone camera answering a question someone asked, if she is any of the characters she writes and it went into just general writing, which lead to her talking about writing sex scenes:

(Note about the video: it’s sideways. I tried fixing it, but then I lost the audio, so sideways it has to be, unfortunately. Next time, I’ll just bring my regular camera.)

She also spoke about the fact that she found it very eerie that her book came out so soon after the earthquake in Haiti (her new books takes place in Haiti). She also mentioned that people think she writes about magical realism, which she sort of disagreed, saying she just writes about what is real to people, and some of those things others might find superstitious.

Ms. Allende was gracious enough to sign as many books as anyone wanted. I brought my battered copy of Eva Luna with me, and I bought a fresh copy for my mom. My copy is so warn that part of the cover is ripped, including the corners of some pages. When I went up to her I told her that I can count on my hand the titles of the books that I have ever reread, and Eva Luna is one of those.

While browsing the books they had of hers out on display, I saw that there are new covers for her children’s trilogy, which I read in college and absolutely adored! If you haven’t read them or heard of them, they are definitely worth reading (City of Beasts, Kingdom of the Golden Dragon, Forest of the Pygmies).

And just in time, I got my Goodreads newsletter (even though I have been soooo inactive) and they have a wonderful interview with her in case you want to check it out.

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