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BEA: My Random Tips and Pointers

Book Expo America is now a week away. I’ve been seeing a lot on the lovely blogosphere that many are giving out some advice on attending BEA. Well, last year was my first time going, and I wrote up two long and detailed posts about it. So what is my advice? Well:

1. Wear comfortable clothing! I see people asking if they need to dress a certain way, even if they should go and dress business casual. It’s a huge convention center with a lot of people, which means it will get very warm, no matter what the temperature is outside. So be sensible: jeans and shirt and some good sneakers or sandals. You’re on your feet all day so your feet must be comfortable. If you want to wear shorts or capris, then that’s ok too! The only people that are really nicely dressed are the booth staff and anyone else who is there to actually do business.

2. Don’t bring books with you! :)

3. You don’t necessarily have to bring your own tote bag(s). Some of the publishing companies actually give them out. I got one last year from McGraw Hill and it was huuuuge! It was a blessing and a curse at the same time. I had all this room for books but then I had to drag that darn bag everywhere. “Oh yay! I have lots of room … Oh no, my shoulders hurt!”

4. There is a bag check on site and it’s super cheap. I think it was less than 5 bucks last year.

5. There is a shipping center on site as well. So just in case, you can always ship your stuff home.

6. Food at the Javits Center is severely overpriced. Bring your own or do what I do: Go outside to one of the many hot dog vendors. You get to be outside, get some air, and eat in peace without people pushing you around, and your wallet will thank you.

7. If you’re taking the subway to the Center, be forewarned: our avenues are looooong. The Center is on 11th Avenue and encompasses 34th-35th36th Streets. The closest train station is on 34th and 8th Avenue. Which means walking three very long avenues. But…! There is a bus that goes across those avenues, so at the end of the day, you can take the bus at 34th and 11th and it will take you to the subway. Less walking for you.

8. If you’d rather cab it, a $5 cab ride can actually take you a good distance if done right, in case you want to cab it to the subway station.

9. The BEA website has two very handy grids for you to plan your autographing time. One grid is for the Autographing Area signings and one is for the In Booth signings. They’re arranged nicely by day and time. I love these grids! So print them out and start highlighting!

10. And finally, be prepared that you might come across some new stuff you never heard of while strolling through the booths and the aisles and even the autographing area. There are some gems to be found!

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