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BEA: The Quick and Dirty Recap

It’s Thursday evening as I write this. It’s finally raining and thundering here. I’ve been awake since 5:30 this morning. These past two days felt long. And I still have work to go to in the morning.

So what was one of the highlights? Well, meeting Cat from Beyond Books! She met me where I work on Tuesday, and we went to Old Town Tavern for lunch, which is one of the oldest bars in the city. It was so great to meet her in person! We chatted for some time which was nice. :)

So Wednesday: In the morning, there was the Children’s Author Breakfast which I and my two friends did not attend. Although we were curious about is since Duchess Sarah Ferguson was the MC. Later on, in the autographing area, there were loads of camera people while she was signing. But anyway…there were so many people! At one point, it was just hard to move, so instead of waiting for someone else to do the shoving, I went ahead and shoved because it just made no sense to stay in one place while a crowd hovered near me while trying to move. People were grabbing the galleys as fast as possible. I, on the other hand, had a very discerning eye. I took the time to read the description to see if I would actually read it. This definitely helped in my load over the course of the two days. As much as I want to read Beautiful Darkness, I know I can wait until the bound book because I know I will want a bound book anyway. I didn’t manage to get in line for the Cornelia Funke line, where they were giving away special limited edition advanced copies of her Reckless book, which is due out in September. But! When Cat and I ran into each other during lunchtime, she showed me the galley copy since she was in the right place and right time. And wowie! That is some fancy galley. It’s actually a hardcover galley and all silvery. All me and my friend could think was how much it must have cost to produce it. Since Cornelia lives in the States now, I do hope she tours for this book, because I missed her in NYC when she was promoting Inkdeath.

This year at BEA, they had the autographing area and the children’s pavilion together on the same floor as the other exhibits. Last year, those two areas were downstairs, which made for many walks upstairs and downstairs. It definitely helped having everything on one floor, but I do wonder if that contributed to the crush of people. Plus I think having the exhibits open for only two days, instead of the usual three, definitely added to the amount of people. One thing I did notice this year was that there were a lot more bloggers here this year than last year. Or maybe it’s because I paid attention more? Either way: lots of people on the exhibits floor.

So, in my previous post, one of my tips was that you shouldn’t bring books. Well, I sort of did not follow my own advice, but for a very good reason. Richelle Mead was signing the fifth book in the Vampire Academy series. I already have books1 thru 3 at home and signed from when I went to see her in January. So what did I do? Over the weekend I went to buy the paperback of book 4 so that she could sign it and so that I could have a complete signed set. And Ms. Mead, gracious and nice as ever, happily signed both books for me. I was so thrilled, even though I am terribly behind in my reading of that series. I do hope she does another tour for book 6 so that I can truly have a complete signed book set.

One of the better things of going to BEA with someone is that you can help each other out at author signings. Not only does it make the time go faster since you have someone to chat with, but you can also hold each other’s spots in line in case you want to go see another author while waiting. That happened a few times. My friends and I managed to get galley copies of one of the “hottest” titles: The Passage by Justin Cronin. He was being compared to Stephen King, and there’s a huge blurb of his on the cover. While waiting in line, people had mentioned that they already read it and loved it. One drawback though: the book is massive. It’s practically a brick. And apparently it’s part of a trilogy. So we vowed that we need to read this at some point in the summer so that we really know what all the hubbub is about.

I also managed to get a galley copy of Richard’s Peck new title, Three Quarters Dead. The man is a legend. And I have to admit something: I haven’t read anything of his. But I know who he is and his influence in literature. I started to read the galley on my way home Wednesday evening on the subway and so far, so good.

And now for Thursday: My friend and I got up early and went to the Adult Author Breakfast, which was being MC’d by Jon Stewart, and included Dr. Condi Rice, John Grisham, and Mary Roach. The two of us were so glad we went. Jon Stewart was a riot. Dr. Rice was such a wonderful speaker, talking about her upcoming memoir called Extraordinary, Ordinary People and her path to the White House. After she finished, Jon Stewart got up and said, “Don’t. Make. Me. Like. You!” Both John Grisham and Mary Roach were such a pleasure to listen too. I read a little bit of Roach’s Packing for Mars on the subway home and found it fascinating and I found myself laughing too. At the Breakfast, there was also a Q&A session. After the first few questions, Jon Stewart put his funny foot down and asked if anyone had a question that didn’t involve any of the authors offering help or advice. That got a big laugh. and some clapping.

So afterwards, Adam Rex was our first stop. Has anyone heard of or read The True Meaning of Smekday? You must read it. It was surprisingly amusing and the illustrations and comics definitely added to the amusement. What a funny story. So my friend and I went to get galley copies of Fat Vampire signed by him. My friend did bring her copy of Smekday to get signed. And he even drew a Boov! Don’t know what a Boov is? Oh you must read to find out!

I managed to get a massive BBQ book for Josh along with some zombie books for him. Figured he deserved something too. One of the most pleasant surprises was that Jennifer Donnelly was signing galley copies of Revolution! I was so glad to get a chance to get a signed galley.

Oh and where else would you find burlesque dancers promoting a burlesque handbook? Well at BEA obviously.

At one point, I walked to the Unshelved booth because they had come out with a new t-shirt. While buying it, Bill Barnes remembered me from TLA so we chatted a bit. And this is what was on the t-shirt that I got:

Oh, I forgot to mention the ticketed authors. There were a lot of them. I didn’t bother with any of them because I just didn’t want to stand in line for so long. My friend though did manage to get a ticket to Tim Gunn. And let me tell you, that line was looooooooong. But apparently he was so nice that he took the time to sign for everyone, despite the fact that he went over his official time limit. He wanted to be sure that everyone waiting in line got to meet him.

Oh and I feel like Mo Willems was signing something everyday and at any hour. His lines were quite long too.

I did manage to get a signed copy of The Library Lion for my mom’s school. What an adorable book!

Oh! Oh! Oh! One thing I did find out Thursday morning while waiting in line to get in the breakfast: Publishers Weekly puts out a daily newspaper during BEA. And on the front page of Thursday’s was the news that Jean M. Auel’s 6th and final book is FINALLY being published next year!!!!!!!!! I first read Clan of the Cave Bear in middle school. So when the last book came out, I was just finishing my freshman year of college…in 2002. There were rumors before that there would be 7 books I think. But thankfully the last book is coming out soon. At one point, I thought the series would never be finished.

I didn’t take as many pictures as I wanted to, but here are some nonetheless:

The Author Breakfast with Jon Stewart


The lines in the Autographing Area


Jo Welson signing copies of her Burlesque Handbook


And now I think it’s time to go to bed…… As I do my IMM post this weekend, I’m sure I’ll mention other going-ons during BEA.

5 comments to BEA: The Quick and Dirty Recap

  • Wow ..Looks like u had loads of fun..I am trying soo hard not to feel jealous..LOL

    I have just started Jean Auel’s series and nearing the end of The Clan Of Cave Bears and it’s super awesome.Good to know the final book in series is going to be published. I have 5 books.By the time I finish these hopefully the last one will be published..

  • thanks for sharing your fantastic experience!

  • Cat

    Our lunch was the highlight of my trip! And then meeting you over and over and over randomly during BEA was fun too. I promise I was not stalking you! :) I was so happy to luck out and stand next to a person in a line who had an extra Rick Riordan ticket so I could get his new book. I went to the Children’s Author Breakfast, I ALMOST went to the Adult one because – JON STEWART! – but no one else I knew was going. Had I known you were going I would have gone! I actually stood in a line for the Mary Roach book for one of my best friends at work. She has all her books. I like to stay away from science. I think I have an anaphylactic reaction to it. ;)

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