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Traveler Food and Books: Food and Free Books

Traveler 001

On our way to our friends in Boston for the Fourth of July weekend, we stopped by this place. It is right of exit 74 on I-84 on Connecticut. Now here’s the thing, I’ve driven that way to-and-from Boston many times during the later years of college. I never saw the sign for it. No one ever told me. So a week before the long weekend, one of Josh’s friends at work mentioned it and where it was. And I knew right away that we were going to be stopping there.

Why? What’s so special about this place. Well, they have food, yes. But they also have books. And each person gets three free books. THREE FREE BOOKS!

So while waiting for our food to come along, Josh and I browsed the shelves. There was no real organization to it. There were books, and more books, and then there was a bookcase devoted to children’s and YA books. And I think 90% of the books they had there I had never heard of. And these were old editions. The store also had a “bestseller section” downstairs, where the books had to be paid for. Because we were trying to get to Boston in a decent amount of time and not hit traffic, I didn’t explore that section.

I only walked away with my three books. Josh couldn’t find anything, and I couldn’t find anything else I would have taken immediately. But I have a feeling we will be coming back again. I like finding books that no one’s ever heard of or has forgotten about.

This is what you see when you first walk in:

Traveler 002

Traveler 003

I patiently waited for those folks to leave so that I could go and browse those shelves:

Traveler 004

Boxes of books that still have to be opened:

Traveler 006

So if your travels ever find you in Connecticut, stop by!

Traveler 007

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