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So last weekend, we went to see Inception. But we had lots of time to kill because two movie times were sold out. So we bought our tickets and then had over two hours to kill. Josh was worried that we would have a hard time figuring out what to do for two hours while waiting. I told him that would be no problem. The movie theater was actually one block away from the Strand Bookstore. He heavily sighed and we went in. While Josh went inside to read some comic books, I browsed through the outside stacks of books, where they have their $1 and 0.48 cent books. I made out like a bandit:

Three fates intertwine in this moving and passionate love story set in Victorian London. Mary Finn: country girl, maid to a lord in London. Caden Tucker: liar, scoundrel, and heart’s delight. James Nelligan: age six, tossed into a herd of boys. When Mary Finn falls into the arms of handsome Caden Tucker, their frolic changes the course of her life. What possesses her? She’s been a girl of common sense until now. Mary’s tale alternates with that of young James Nelligan, a new boy in an enormous foundling home. (This was a WoW pick for me awhile back. I know the author and have read all her books. This was a surprise to find in the stacks since it is so new.)

Magic and Columbus clash in the New World. In 1492, as the flames of the Inquisition scorch the soul, and three ships set sail under the Spanish flag, a boatload of nuns transported by an unruly genie discover a new world unlike any other: the magical kingdom of Prestor John. (I’ve come to really enjoy this author’s work. And to find an out-of-print title just laying there, score!)

L’Engle at her best, this novel features Stella, who marries into the aristocratic Renier family and discovers a frightening world of intrigue, greed, prejudice, and superstition. Soon drawn into a raging battle between good and evil, Stella must fight her way through to find the other side of the sun. (This is clearly one of her more adult titles. Another one out-of-print.)

The Bull from the Sea reconstructs the legend of Theseus, the valiant youth who slew the Minotaur, became king, and brought prosperity to Attica. Chief among his heroic exploits is the seduction of Hippolyta, the Queen of the Amazons, who irrevocably brought about both his greatest joy and his tragic destiny. (I had gotten the author’s The King Must Die last year at a book sale, so I think I might have to read these together. I’ve never read any of her books. I clearly need to catch up.)

When she was thirteen, Lionors first saw Arthur. Little did she know the consequences of that meeting. The handsome young knight would be declared King of Britain, marry the beautiful Guinevere, and fall to the treachery of his court while Lionors, secretly married to him, would bear his child and wait for him to leave his palace to be at her side in fulfillment of the old prophecy: “You will be a queen, but you will die uncrowned and unknown….” (Never heard of this one before, so I’m curious to know how heavily romance-novel-ish it is. But I’ll pick up anything having to do with King Arthur.)

At a time of mystery and cruelty … in an ancient land of breathtaking beauty and exotic surprise … a courageous woman triumphs over her world’s ultimate tragedy. Behind the garden walls of the House of Chang, pampered daughter Spring Moon is born into luxury and privilege. But the tempests of change sweep her into a new world — one of hardship, turmoil, and heartbreak, one that threatens to destroy her husband, her family, and her darkest secret love. Through a tumultuous lifetime, Spring Moon must cling to her honor, to the memory of a time gone by, and to a destiny, foretold at her birth, that has yet to be fulfilled. (It just so happened that like the day before getting this, Josh and I were talking about the books we had to read during summer reading in high school. And this happened to be one of the ones he read. And it’s billed as a Chinese Gone with the Wind. And then there it was in the stacks outside the Strand.)

So that’s what I had gotten at the Strand. But the day before, after Josh and I had eaten some dinner in the Williamsburg section of Brooklyn and were strolling the streets, we stopped in a bookstore. And they had a small stash of used mass market paperbacks for sale. So I browsed, and got these two:

When Deenie sees the brace for the first time, she wants to scream, Forget it… I’m never going to wear that thing. Everyone will know. Everyone! But the words won’t come out. And Deenie, beautiful Deenie, who everyone says should be a model, is stuck wearing a brace from her neck to her hips. For four years-or longer. How will she ever face the hard times ahead? (I read a bunch of Judy Blume when I was younger, but I never heard of this one. Maybe because my library didn’t have it because it had been challenged so much. I was very excited to see this!)

Fleeing from the monotony of his life, Hugh Rogers finds his way to “the beginning place”–a gateway to Tembreabrezi, an idyllic, unchanging world of eternal twilight. Irena Pannis was thirteen when she first found the beginning place. Now, seven years later, she has grown to know and love the gentle inhabitants of Tembreabrezi, or Mountaintown, and she sees Hugh as a trespasser. But then a monstrous shadow threatens to destroy Mountaintown, and Hugh and Irena join forces to seek it out. Along the way, they begin to fall in love. Are they on their way to a new beginning…or a fateful end? (The summary sounded interesting. But I’ve only read one book by the author, and that was Lavinia.)

So for a whopping $7, I got all those books. Not too shabby for the month of July. Josh actually has a monthly book budget for me. And I think this is the first month where I’ve gone waaaaaay below the budget he set me. I feel quite pleased. Now I need to just find some time to read….

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  • Cat

    Mentioned the book buying budget to my husband and he’s thinking of contacting Josh for more information. HA! My bad for mentioning that. ;)

  • Wow, what a blast from the past! I used to love reading Judy Blume books when I was a teenager and I remember reading Deenie – I’m sure you’ll enjoy it. :) Take care and happy reading!

  • Wowowow. Those are some cheap books!!! After reading your post, I actually put Folly on my to-read list. It sounds really good!

    I hope you enjoyed Inception! I haven’t seen it yet, but everyone’s been saying good things about it.

  • vvb

    i enjoyed Deenie when I read it as a teen.
    i saw inception over the weekend and give it a thumbs up.

  • Oh man, I want Folly! I am trying so hard not to buy books, and as long as I can keep from seeing them, it’s not so much of an issue. But Folly wants me too, because it keeps popping up EVERYWHERE. Pretty sure I’m gonna break down and get it sooner rather than later…