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Road Trip Adventures

So, this is about two months late. In June, Josh and I packed up our car and ourselves and drove South. First stop was Myrtle Beach for two nights, then a stop in Tampa to see family, then some wonderful days in Key West, then back up to Orlando for three days, and then two days driving home with a stop in North Carolina to see friends.

One thing we discovered on our way down and up was boiled peanuts! Oh so good! Now I’m trying to find some place in NYC that has them.

Myrtle Beach was nothing special…..except for the few moments we got to hold a baby tiger and a monkey at this place! We didn’t get to go on the tour because they didn’t have it on the day we were there but I told Josh that I want to go back and see this place up close! It’s only a 10-hour drive. No biggie. Good long weekend plan.

Sadly, Sea World is not the same place as I remember it from my childhood. The best show though was the sea lions. At night, their act is essentially making fun of the other Sea World shows. When we went to Disney, we did Hollywood Studios and Magic Kingdom in one day, and we were there until closing. Josh went on more rides than I did. I’m too chicken for some of them. Kennedy Space Center was fascinating and fun! I highly, highly recommend it! It was awe-inspiring! We just might be crazy enough to fly down there in February to see the last shuttle launch.

Key West was amazing, with the food, the dolphin watching, the beach, the drag shows, and just the atmosphere! Such a laid back community. It was nice not driving for those 6 days. Instead, we walked everywhere. I think we will be going back sooner than later. Right, Josh?

So, here are some photographic highlights in case anyone was interested:

Watching the sun set in Key West

At Hemingway’s House: his writing room, which was separate from the main house.

Charlie Chaplin, the most photographed cat on the Hemingway property

Poultry running loose on the streets of Key West. The owner of Blue Heaven remarked about his restaurant: “The only place you can eat fish with the chickens.” Blue Heaven is also the place where you can key lime pie the way it was meant to be made, with actual key limes, and the meringue piled up high!

Dolphin Watching off the Keys

Me with the ladies of the 801 Bourbon. If you are ever in Key West, go there! We went there twice, and once for their Drag Queen Bingo. You will have a good time!

Sea World


Kennedy Space Center (This was our favorite part of our stay in Orlando)

The Vehicle Assembly Building: The tallest one-story building, where they assemble the actual shuttles.

The Rocket Garden (yes, they are real)

Getting to meet an actual astronaut

And if you ever drive South, or even if you drive North, you will constantly see signs for this place, “South of the Border”:

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