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Vampire Diaries: The Return

First off, the dress above is beautiful. I loooved my wedding dress, but if I could do it all over again, I wouldn’t mind wearing that!

The show hasn’t lost a beat. Still suspenseful. I know I gasped at the very end when something was happening between Jeremy and Damon (and no it’s not what you think). :)

Not sure how I feel about Katherine. What is her MO? Is it really boredom and curiosity? I just wasn’t buying the whole “I came back for you Stefan” line. Either she has something else up her sleeve, or they just brought Katherine into the show mix to spice things up a bit. Which makes sense. But I hope they do it well. But she’s not going anywhere, as evidenced by the last scene….

And speaking of that last scene? What does the future hold for our Caroline? Damon’s blood is still in her system (I think), which could mean she will be a vampire….maybe? That would be an interesting way for her to go because then that will affect Matt, which could in turn mean he will have to know what is going on.

Oh, Damon, Damon…..torn between two women who look exactly alike. So where does he go from here? Turned down by both women, who and what does he have left? Is he going to continue making life for Stefan a living nightmare? Will he team up with Katherine? Will he try to woo Elena¬† back now that she hates him? Will he try to mend fences with Bonnie? ::sigh:: more questions than answers as always.

And will they already reveal that Tyler and his family are all werewolves? All this vague talk is killing me!  Will they reveal it closer to Halloween?

I hope Aunt Jenna becomes more than just a very, very, side-character. She needs some storyline too!

One interesting thing was revealed though: for those who wear those special protective rings, they only protect against supernatural forces. Cause Elena asked how could her father have died if he was wearing that ring, and Stefan said it was an accident, and not something supernatural. And now that I think about it, all those times when someone wearing the ring was getting hacked to pieces or getting stabbed or getting their neck broken, it was usually by a vampire. Interesting little loophole.

That’s all I have for now.

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