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Vampire Diaries: Kill or Be Killed

It seems I am already falling behind….again! Just like last year. There’s always something on Thursdays though that manages to get in the way, whether it is an author event or storms-that-disrupt-subway-service.

Last week, I made sure to get home to watch the new episode, only to find out that it was  rerun of the season premiere. Curses!

One of the great things about this episode was Caroline. She did not hesitate to kill in front of her own mother, revealing what she really is. It showed how uncontrollable Caroline can be. And what a bloody mess! Look at that photo on top! But sadly, her mother cannot accept what her daughter has become. I found it so cruel that the mother really didn’t dwell on it. It’s clear where her loyalties are: the town and the council. It also just shows how strained her relationship with Caroline really is; it has clearly been like that for ages to have made the mother turn her daughter away like that. Would it have made any difference if Caroline did not kill in front of her? I doubt it. The mother was set in her ways. I wonder what this will do to Caroline’s state of mind now. She doesn’t have Matt by her side, her mother has abandoned her, Katherine is toying with her. All she has left is Elena and Stefan, and kinda Damon. Will she be able to manage with just that? Guess we’ll have to see.

But moving on to some more fun stuff! I went to New York Comic Con recently and Josh, the good trooper that he is, sat with me at the Vampire Diaries panel. I told him that the man who gave him Dawson’s Creek (Kevin Williamson) would be there. I think he might have been very confused as to what was being said and such; all he’s ever seen is the first episode.

Kevin and Julie Plec were there, along with Matt, Bonnie, Jeremy, and Aunt Jenna. Below are links to videos of the panel. They were very careful to not spoil anything because they said that one of the great things about the show is the twists and turns. They also showed a preview of what’s to come in the upcoming episodes:

Written up highlights from the panel

Panel Video One

Panel Video Two

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