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Author Event: The Creators of THE PHANTOM TOLLBOOTH

On Sunday, my friend and I went to Books of Wonder to see writer Norton Juster and illustrator Jules Feiffer present the first book they’ve done together since…The Phantom Tollbooth…which was almost 50 years ago.

I brought my tattered hardcover copy of Phantom Tollbooth, which has a faded blue dust jacket and I don’t even know what printing it is because the copyright pages doesn’t say so. I even have a bookplate in there on the title page (I was big on bookplates when I was a kid). The dust jacket has some tears in it even.

I’ll admit, I was a bit awestruck and tongue-tied when I approached them to get my books signed. I just had no idea what to say.

I did end up buying one book by Jules Feiffer that he had written and illustrated. I wasn’t sure if I wanted it or not but as we were waiting for the event to start, I read the first few pages and then I knew I had to have it. The book is called A Barrel of Laughs, a Vale of Tears.

So the new book they did together is a picture book called The Odious Ogre. Instead of me taking notes during the event, I decided to take video. So here for your amusement are stories about how they first met, where they lived, where some of the original drawings from Phantom Tollbooth were found eventually, and how they finally got together to do this picture book. They were really great and funny together:

And here is a quick interview they did for SLJ entitled Worth the Wait

And here is the book trailer for The Odious Ogre:

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