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Vampire Diaries: Masquerade

Oh yeah. I’d definitely let these four guys kill my arch-nemesis.

I thought I’d try something different this time. My thoughts/reactions per each commercial break as I watch the show.

First commercial break: Who’s Lucy and what’s up with Katherine being able to make friends with witches? I love the nonchalantness of the whole “we’re going to kill Katherine”. I hope Bonnie and Lucy meet and that witchy sparks will fly.

Second commercial break: Awwwww, cute mother-son moment with Tyler and his mom. Aunt Jenna: “Jeremy needs to lose the whole emo thing.”–> Ha! Ha! Ha! Katherine walks around like she belongs on a runway. Holy moly! Katherine means business!

Third commercial break: Ugh! Elena…why won’t you just stay out of stuff when you’re supposed to stay out of stuff? Nosy all over again.  Caroline looks so pretty in her red dress. That’s right, it’s not just about you anymore Elena. Katherine is hurting everyone, not just you…..oh damn Elena gets hurt if Katherine does too? Twists! Turns!

Fourth commercial break: ummmmmm….Tyler werewolf now? Will they avert the change somehow?

Fifth commercial break: What spell did the new witchy witch put on the moonstone? Will the brothers take advantage of the situation and stake Katherine?

Final scenes: Jeremy and Bonnie seem to be getting closer…hmmm. Wait, Katherine’s really dead? No way….aha! There she is. Of course they wouldn’t have the guts to kill her. Yep, maker her suffer. Which means, she’ll be back at some point. But now what happens to Elena? Who’s the masked man? One other question, has Tyler changed into a werewolf? I mean we didn’t see anything really happen, except for the eyes. Will we see the results at a full moon?

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