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A Catching Up Post on Reading

Happy New Year everyone!

I am using this time in between semesters to catch up on some blogging, so here it goes…

I’m taking two courses starting at the end of the month, one of them called Animals in Medieval Literature, with the same professor that I had for my Canterbury Tales class. Plus, I’m taking a required Critical Theory course. But it’s with a professor whose name I recognize from my undergrad studies, based on the articles of his I had read while taking Renaissance lit courses. When I registered, I sort of told myself that I am signing away my free time: two course plus working full-time. Eeek!

So I’ve been seeing people doing their end-of-the-year roundups and challenge status updates. Well, I won;’t do an end-of-the-year “best of” or “worst of” thing, since it just wouldn’t be fair, considering the position I’m in. But as for reading challenges…..

Well, that Speculative Fiction Challenge, where I said I would read three books? Fail! I only read one book, and that was Moon Called.

My own Book Project involving reading books that I already own and have been languishing on my shelves for months and years….sorta fail. Nine books! NINE?!? Oh geez, it’s abysmal. Between reading manuscripts for work and book club books and other books/galleys that were vying for my attention….yeah fail! Tomorrow, the editorial departments present to us the Winter 2012 list. Which means, I will have to start reading manuscripts soon in preparation for brainstorming sessions and marketing plans. Thankfully, the Winter list tends to be smaller than the Fall or Spring/Summer lists.

My own Sunfire Romance Reading Challenge? Complete failure! Didn’t even read one book! Again, no time. And I was so excited when I completed my entire set, too. But you know what? I’ll still try to read through them all when I can find the time.

LJ Smith Reading Challenge? Success! At least some. I did read all the Vampire Diaries books, although I gave up on the newest titles because they were not drawing me in. Plus, been watching the show faithfully.

Plus, I started to be more active on Goodreads. One day soon I want to go through my shelves to truly see what I have not read. And because some of the people I work with are also on Goodreads, we get to see what we’ve been reading and lend each other galleys and books. Plus it leads to some long book discussions in the hallways :)

And now, I give you a picture of my street after the snow storm last week. My dad took this photo. Note the car in the middle of the street, blocking any possible snow plows to begin with.  Josh and I left to go to PA to go skiing, right when it started to snow. Let’s just say, on our way home, we had to leave our car in Jersey on Tuesday night with our friends because our neighborhood wasn’t plowed…until Thursday morning. Thankfully everything is melting away now. As pretty as the snow looks at first, I do not want to see all that garbage that is lurking beneath all that melting snow after a week of no garbage and recycling pickup.


Now back to the ol’ work grind…..

2 comments to A Catching Up Post on Reading

  • I certainly hope that idiot in the middle of the road was towed!! HOW RUDE! That makes me so, so angry.

    I have been happy to see your name pop up in my goodreads feed! I can get more book ideas now.

    I only completed one challenge, the Debut Author one, and that’s only because I managed to read at least 12 books. I was unable to read all of the titles I listed because I couldn’t get some of them! That’s the main reason I don’t do challenges unless they are super simple. heh

    Happy New Year!

  • Oh, man, and I complain about the SUV that has been sticking out 3 feet into our little neighborhood road since the summer! I would probably get all road-ragey if someone just stopped in the middle of the road.

    Good luck with your classes! Oh, and thanks for the Graphic Novel suggestions! You always review books that sound interesting to me, so I will be sure to look at those you recommended.