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A Very Belated NCTE Post

So I’m gonna skip some details on this post.

I think I’ve written enough of these conference posts for you to know how this all goes: get up early at conference city, set up booth all day, be on the exhibit floor for many, many hours; go to the bathroom when you think there is a lull; mingle with authors at their signings, mingle with authors at dinners; breakdown booth very quickly; get home and pass out; be in pain for a few days.

So instead, I present to you a bunch of pictures. NCTE 2010 was held in Orlando, FL. And our hotel was actually the Disney Boardwalk. Oh the humanity! All work and no play! I mean, I know I know, I was already in Disney in June, but the inner-kid in me can’t help it! I wanted to go play!

It was very weird sitting in the hotel lobby dressed up in slacks and trying to be presentable while families all around me were running around in shorts! But the hotel had some snazzy decor:

Outside the hotel, on the boardwalk:

Sunrise on my last day of the conference. While waiting for the breakfast place to open, my two colleagues and I walked around the boardwalk.

END OF THE LINE: at one of our author signings. The author kept signing well past his appointed time, but then he had to stop because he had another event to go to.

MICKEY IS EVERYWHERE! On your bathroom mirror…

And on your soap…

Before I left for the conference, my boss asked where we were staying and I told her the Boardwalk Inn. And she knew exactly where it was: “Oh, you’ll be near the Swan and Dolphin, across from Epcot.” And sure enough, she was right. If I wanted to, I could have easily walked to Epcot. If you look closely, you’ll see the Swan statues…

Aside from meeting authors I work with, I also got to meet some bloggers, some of whom I had met at previous conferences.

I’ve been to six conferences now: 2 NCTEs, 2 ALAs, and 2 TLAs. And this NCTE was the smallest convention center I’ve been in. The conference was held in a hotel resort, the Coronado. Granted, it was laid out over a lot of space, but the exhibit hall was much smaller from what I’m used to. Which means, it was more packed than usual at times, and there was a lot of multi-tasking on my part in terms of helping and talking to people. But that helps make the the time go faster, so that helps.

This week is ALA Midwinter. I’m not going, although I’m sure San Diego will have some nice weather. I’m hoping the next conference I get to go to is TLA, because it’s in Austin, and everyone keeps telling me how amazing the city is. Plus, one of my authors asked if I would be seeing him at TLA and I said I hope so, so he told me to make sure that I get asked to go cause he wants to see me again. But as always, it depends if they need me. There is the core group of conference staff that go, and I go as-needed. Oh, and ALA is in New Orleans this year, which I’m hoping I get to go to, too. Depends how big it will be for us, based on ALA MW, with all the award announcements happening this weekend.

Ok, that’s enough conference talk for now….

Oh, but as I was waking around the booths, I did spot a galley of Jean Auel’s upcoming book, Land of Painted Caves. I actually wanted to take a picture of it but didn’t have the camera in my pocket. But it was huge! I mean, all the other books were huge to begin with, but this one looked like a big brick! Can’t wait for that book to come out.

2 comments to A Very Belated NCTE Post

  • I could NOT have handled being there at Disney and NOT being able to do anything Disney related. I think having conferences there is mean and evil! ;) And you were SO CLOSE TO EPCOT! Gah! That would have killed me. Did you take photos of the room? I’m a big geek about Disney decor and I would love to see the room at this resort.

    All this talk of Disney stuff around me this week has been driving me to twitch. I need to go again. I need to get away. We were just there 2 years ago and nothing’s changed.. but by golly do I love being at the resort hotel. *dreamy sigh*

    I think 2013 we’ll go back. Things are supposed to have changed in some parks by then. ;)

    I know this was totally unrelated to why you were there, sorry! I’m just so distracted by the Disney photos and talk…

  • I sadly id not take photos of the room, but I did forget to mention one thing. My coworker and I returned to NYC that Sunday night (before Thanksgiving), while everyone else had to stay for other important author events, and apparently that night (in the middle of the night), some elves showed up and decorated the entire place for Christmas! Forgot to include a picture of that. Darn.