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Belated Post: Book One of Book Reading Project: Fail!

I had just realized that I never posted this even though I had saved it as a draft. This was the first post I had written in my quest to read as many books as possible that are in my adult fiction bookshelves. So here it is now:

So I finally decided to start on mine and Narwhal Love and Lit’s book reading project and I picked up a book that I’ve had for a few years that I actually got in a used bookstore in Northern Canada (like, really North!). It was Unicorn and Dragon by Lynn Abbey. Below is the cover and synopsis:

Summary: Wolves are loose in the English countryside. A dying monarch cannot enforce the laws, and his heirs are circling like vultures. The small castle that is Hafwynder Manor is thrown into chaos by the arrival of a mysterious young stranger, too badly wounded to explain his plans. The forces of 11th century history invade Hafwynder Manor. Its safety — and perhaps the fate of all England — may depend on the deeds of the blonde, impulsive Alison and her sister, the dark-haired and cunning Wildecent. With the forces of the outside world raging at the castle walls, the two young women must learn to shape their own destiny!

I don’t know what happened. For some reason I just couldn’t continue reading. This book, with the cover and summary, was totally up my alley but I tried…I really tried. I guess I was just too confused at some points with the history and I wasn’t met with the pressing need to find out what happened next. As it turns out, Alison was the sister that was able to “lean” on people, meaning, she was able to go into their minds; so there was the sorcery aspect of it. And Wildecent was actually not her biological sister, which is revealed early on in the book, and is the more careful and mindful of the two; all the while they are looking after a mysterious stranger who was attacked by wolves and they can’t understand his language or what he was doing out there. Plus, the whole wolves thing confused me as well. The fact that wolves were out there seemed to really frighten people (more so than usual). Were the wolves supposed to be real wolves or metaphorical wolves?

Maybe I’ll have to revisit this title at another time, although the other thing that is making me hesitate is that the author, according to her website, had planned this to be like 4 or 5 books. But only two were ever published. So do I want to start something, knowing that there might never be a resolution? Or do I be brave, suck it up, and just read the two books?

Well, in any case, I am on to my next book, a total change of scenery: Alice Hoffman.

Update: Alice Hoffman proved to be a better read.

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