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Visiting “old” friends in Paris

While in Paris, one cannot overlook some of the literary aspects of the city. Such as the cemeteries. Specifically, Père Lachaise Cemetery. Some French (and not so French) literary greats are buried here. Some are famous, some not so much, at least to me. Below are some pictures from the cemetery, with notes as to who they are:

Heloise and Abelard

I was particularly keen to discover that they were here, because I only found out about their very existence through a historical fiction book I’ve been reading that I got at the used bookstore in my neighborhood (Stealing Heaven by Marion Meade). Sadly, their canopy was under scaffolding, but still quite lovely that they were finally together.


Oscar Wilde

Oddly enough, his grave was the one covered in lipstick! Not Jim Morrison’s. Morrison had an armed guard actually, but clearly, Wilde’s grave was the one to go wild over. It was actually Josh who was more interested to see him, since he is a fan.

Richard Wright

Somewhere amidst these boxes was Richard Wright. We didn’t have the energy or time to find him though. There were more on the other side of us.

Marcel Proust

I took this for my friend Esther. Note the fortune cookie.

In case you wanted to know more about the cemetery and who else rests there, check out links here and here. We spent about 4 hours in that place, and were leaving just when they were closing it. Good timing on our part. I’m really glad we went.

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