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Vampire Diaries: Episode Six Review

Thanks to My Friend Amy for hosting this Vampire Diaries Challenge, where we read the books and watch the series.

What a great episode. Sad that we have to wait two weeks for the next one. Loved the fact that it was revealed Katherine was the vampire. Now I’m curious about her death and more about her relationship with the two brothers. And appropriately enough, I read more of The Awakening last night and it was revealed in the book as well that she was a vampire. I’m glad to now that the series is following some of the plot points from the book.What a twisted threesome. Sort of reminiscent of Angel, Drusilla and Spike.

The part where Damon snapped Vicki’s neck actually made me gasp. Seeing her be a vampire will be great to watch. And is it just me, or does Jeremy look rather cute, especially when he’s not bitchin’ and whining. Oh and Damon! Damon Damon Damon….dancing and strutting around the house….need more of that too.

I wonder if Elena will have a change of heart and go back to Stefan. She was clearly heartbroken by her decision, unless it was her breaking down over everything that had happened. I feel like she didn’t give Stefan a good reason as to why she didn’t want to be with him. It’s not like this whole vampire thing is going to go away. She would need the protection of Stefan either way, from Damon, cause we know he won’t stop his seductive evil ways despite the fact that Elena doesn’t want Stefan.

So, will anyone notice that Caroline is sort of …you know….missing? And I want more of Bonnie’s story.

Still totally hooked on this show. Love that it’s moving right along without stalling. Want to see more more more!

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  • Damon and Vicki were my favorite part of this episode, and I gasped too. And then just sat there with my mouth open like an idiot. Couldn’t believe it. And then, like an idiot (see a theme?), I turned the channel during the commercial, and when I turned it back, I had missed the first few seconds when Vicki apparently bounces right back up, and I was so confused.