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Another quiet week here. At an author event on Tuesday I got:

The inspiring account of one man’s campaign to build schools in the most dangerous, remote, and anti-American reaches of Asia. In 1993 Greg Mortenson was the exhausted survivor of a failed attempt to ascend K2, an American climbing bum wandering emaciated and lost through Pakistan’s Karakoram Himalaya. After he was taken in and nursed back to health by the people of an impoverished Pakistani village, Mortenson promised to return one day and build them a school. From that rash, earnest promise grew one of the most incredible humanitarian campaigns of our time—Greg Mortenson’s one-man mission to counteract extremism by building schools, especially for girls, throughout the breeding ground of the Taliban. Award-winning journalist David Oliver Relin has collaborated on this spellbinding account of Mortenson’s incredible accomplishments in a region where Americans are often feared and hated. In pursuit of his goal, Mortenson has survived kidnapping, fatwas issued by enraged mullahs, repeated death threats, and wrenching separations from his wife and children. But his success speaks for itself. At last count, his Central Asia Institute had built fifty-five schools. Three Cups of Tea is at once an unforgettable adventure and the inspiring true story of how one man really is changing the world—one school at a time. (My mom and I went to an author event with Greg Mortenson and it was quite the inspiring event. I’ll be posting about it early in the week. My mom got the newest book, Stones into Schools.)

From PaperBackSwap I got:

“I am the first writer, The Scribe. My books lie open before the Throne, and someday will be the only witness of your people and their time in this world. The stories are forgotten here, and the Day draws close. I will tell you one of my stories. You will record it.” So begins the narration of one such angel in this sweeping historical tale set during the reign of England’s Henry VIII. It is the story of two women, their guardian angels, and a mysterious, subversive book . a book that outrages some, inspires others, and launches the Protestant Reformation. The devout Anne Boleyn catches the eye of a powerful king and uses her influence to champion an English translation of the Bible—Scriptures the common people could read for themselves. Meanwhile, Rose, a broken, suicidal woman of the streets, is moved to seek God when she witnesses Thomas More’s public displays of Christian charity, ignorant of his secret life spent eradicating the same book, persecuting anyone who dares read it. Historic figures come alive in this thrilling story of heroes and villains, saints and sinners, angels and mortals … and the sacred book that will inspire you anew. (I can’t remember how I found out about this book but I’m looking forward to it. Looks like a great take on history.)

Looking forward to seeing what else everyone got. That and catching up on writing on my own posts.

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  • Oh my gosh you got three cups of tea! my book club has been wanting to read that for ages – i cant wait to see oyur review on it! and I’ve never heard the shadow of lions before but i note that it looks historical and has angels in it – so it must be awesome! thanks for your comment – Queen of the Damned, I agree it did fit a lot in, but I LOVE the philosophical questions posed in memnoch, and i’m a sucker for a good charicature of the devil ;)


  • Wow! I’m so drawn by the synopsis of Three Cups of Tea. It seems like a wonderful and inspiring story. This book and this author is a new discovery for me. Thanks to you! I can’t wait to read your review on this book.

    Have fun reading!
    Here’s my IMM post for this week: In My Mailbox

  • I loved three cups of tea – how awesome you went to an author event! I am excited to read the new book, Stones Into Schools.

  • Happy reading! Enjoy your books!

  • They both sound great! I hope you enjoy reading them.
    I never heard of either of them, so thank you for putting them on my radar. :)

  • Both of the books sound great! Enjoy your reading. Three cups of tea sounds really great, thanks for posting about it, I will add it to my TBR pile.

  • I can’t wait to see your thoughts on Three Cups of Tea. Thanks for the comment about his new book over my blog!

  • Callie (Handle Like Hendrix)

    I have been really curious about the Three Cups of Tea book. Happy reading!

  • Three Cups of Tea is waiting in the wings here — it looks like an amazing book. In the Shadow of Lions looks quite good, too — I’ve always been interested in Tudor England. And the cover is gorgeous!

  • In the Shadow of Lions looks really good!! Thank you for your comment on my IMM! I don’t have all of the Sunfire books yet, I need 5 more for my collection! Congrats on finding them all!

  • What comes to Pride and Prejudice, you should definitely watch the 1995 BBC adaptation. It is a 6 episode miniseries and it includes pretty much everything from the book. And in that one,
    Colin Firth is playing Mr Darcy.

  • Sounds good – especially the Shadow of the Lions one. Never heard of them before so thanks! & Also for the comment over at mine. ;)