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New Moon: The Movie

Last Monday, after work, I went to see New Moon by myself. No one I knew had any desire to see it. Part of me had wanted to see it when it first came out only to see the gaggle of girls everywhere and see all that for myself. When I saw it, it was just a few people in the movie theater, and the two women who sat across the aisle from me seemed to have a good sense of humor cause I could hear their laughter at the same moments when I was stifling a laugh or two. I think that’s all I’ll say about that then. That and I  much prefer Jacob when he has long hair. I’m a sucker for men with long hair, i.e my husband Josh.

Yes, I read the books. I actually started to read the first book the weekend the first movie came out. My friend and I happened to be a conference for work that weekend and we had decided to go see a movie. We remember that the lady at the info desk in the mall said (in response to our asking where the movie theater was), “I’ve never had so many people ask me where it was.” We explained to her that they were most likely going to see Twilight. We, on the other hand, went to see Madagascar 2. Oh yeah! We were quite proud of ourselves. So I didn’t see the movie until it came out on DVD and I had read all the books by then.

One night, as Josh and I were watching tv and a commercial came on for Burger King with the “Team Edward” and “Team Jacob” promotion, Josh turned to me and said “Under no circumstances do I want you to ever tell me what Team Edward and Jacob are.”

There are rumors going around that they’re thinking of splitting the fourth book into two movies. My reaction was something along the lines of  when I found out the seventh Harry Potter book was coming out in two movies: take the middle of that book and just cut it! You’ve cut so much in the other movies why start leaving stuff in now?

One great effect of seeing the movie, is that now that all these parodies keep cropping up, they make so much more sense and they give me quite the chuckles when I read them. For example, New Moon done I Can Has Cheezeburger style

Here’s some fun food-for-thought that Josh had showed me the other day:

2 comments to New Moon: The Movie

  • LOL – so true with the twilight moms pic.
    i’m a twilight fan, but decided to wait for the dvd this time around. i think the heavy marketing and tabloids have been turning me off to the movie.

  • JG

    Thanks for the link and the pic! I laughed so hard!

    *Says the 31-year-old woman who tries to keep her thoughts about Jacob without his shirt to herself.*