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Vampire Diaries Episode: Fool Me Once

We come to a pivotal point in the story and then….Katherine! You clever vampire you!

I actually felt sorry for Damon at the end, and I truly felt that Elena was sorry for him as well. On question though: When Elena went over to convince Damon that she will help him, was she truly being honest? Was there a possible trick up her and Stefan’s sleeves? Cause I think she knows that if she knowingly betrayed him, there would be serious consequences. Either way, I like it when it’s Damon and Elena working together….or he’s kidnapping her….or whatever. It just makes the story that much more inetresting when it’s the two of them interacting.

During the first speech given by Caroline, I had a momentary flashback to Dawson’s Creek: it sounded exactly like something those Capeside kids would have said to each other.

Seeing Tyler back again….maybe something will happen with his storyline?

And what was up with Jeremy’s searching on the internet at the end? Does he know something? Did Anna plant some idea into his head? Or has all that diary-reading finally gotten to him? Did he overhear anything while he was “out cold”? Oh the plot thickens….as usual!

Wohoo! The show has been renewed for a second season!

Oh, and there’s an official Vampire Diaries store over on the CW selling some jewelry, including Elena’s necklaces and her leather jacket. Loving the jacket…not loving the price. Eeek!

And now the wait begins again….

3 comments to Vampire Diaries Episode: Fool Me Once

  • Gosh, I’m so behind on this series!!

  • Hahaha I JUST posted in my blog about how nothing makes a workout go by faster than watching The Vampire Diaries! Hehehe. Personally, I do not like Damon and I really hope they don’t make a love-triangle with D, E, and S. But I did feel bad for him at the end, and I was SO suprised to hear Katherine’s alive! Eek! At the end when Jeremy was googling I think it’s because he’s caught the drift of the journal and Anna’s eyes going all crazy when she kissed him. He’s not a dummy, that Jeremy. :) Either way, when do new episodes return???
    Alayne – The Crowded Leaf.

  • PolishOutlander

    New episodes start back up on March 25….can’t wait!