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Tim Burton: The Exhibition at MoMA

For Valentine’s Day, Josh and I went over to the Museum of Modern Art to see the Tim Burton Exhibition. I hadn’t been to the MoMa since before they did renovations…mostly because I cringed at their new admission price of $20. We both love Tim Burton and his movies. The Nightmare Before Christmas has to be one of my all-time favorite movies and I just love, love, love the soundtrack. I know a lot of it by heart and since we have two copies of the CD, one is kept in the car at all times.

But, I digress….

They had a lot on display. Lots and lots of his sketches from his own sketchbooks. There were some clever ones that were quite “punny”: drawings of a couple enjoying each other (they were munching on each other’s arms), a man with two seeing-eye dogs (the dogs were in his eye sockets), and so forth. There was even a letter that he had written to Johnny Depp about that line in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory concerning cannibalism.

The exhibition website is fantastic! So if you want to check out some of his work, they have a lot for you to look at. If you go to Works and the click on Drawings, you’ll even see the Seeing-Eye Dog sketch.

Also, overheard in the section where they had the statues of characters from his stop-motion films (it also included the Catwoman costume and other fun stuff): “Didn’t he make a movie about Paul Revere? It had a guy riding on a horse.” Josh and I just looked at each other and silently asked, “What?!?!?” Of course, we were standing by the huge statue of the headless horseman. Yes my dear visitor: the only famous horseman was Paul Revere. Good for you.

Also, in that same section with the various Batman costumes, there was a glove on the big horizontal black panel that everything was sitting on. I don’t think anyone wanted to remove it because it looked my like it was part of the set-up, especially since it was right next to Penguin’s baby carriage.

I tried to take some pictures while in the exhibit although it was a bit hard at times since there security guards in every room ready to tell you to not take photographs. But here are some that I was able to take on the sly (feel free to click and see them bigger):

The Corpse Bride

Skeleton Reindeer

Drawings from The Nightmare Before Christmas


The Last of Its Kind

Little Dead Riding Hood (one of my favorites from all the drawings displayed)

Polaroid blowup of Zeros (he did this with several Jack and Sally heads and other Polaroid blowups too)

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