I live in New York City and I'm surrounded by books all day and when I go home I have more books waiting for me. Read my "About" page on top to see what I mean. I just want to share my book experiences and my love of all-things-books, with hopefully the occasional review thrown in. If you wish to contact me, the address is polishoutlanderATgmailDOTcom


I’m surrounded by books all day and when I go home I have more books waiting for me. I just want to share my book experiences and my love of all-things-books, with hopefully the occasional review thrown in. I’ll read anything from YA to sci-fi to romance, from classic literature to historical fiction to children’s lit.  As they say: So many books, so little time. In case anyone wishes to contact me, my address is polishoutlanderATgmailDOTcom

If you really want to know who I am, check out this post I had written earlier this year:

Letting the Cat Out of the Bag:

So I’ve been munching on this post for a while. I’ve been trying to figure out if I should even write it and a big part of me wants to. Cause why not? I should be honest. No…I want to be honest.

My blog header mentions “Working and Living with Books.” I’ve spent a great deal talking about the whole “living” with books part and I’ve barely ever mentioned my work and what it is that I do with books. And what is it that I do? Well, I work in publishing. To be more specific, I work for a children’s book imprint. Why publishing? Well, because I love books.

I’m coming up on my own one-year anniversary of this little blog, which started out as an idea that I got while talking to Josh last Spring and how it would be cool to write about all this fun book stuff that was happening at the time. Plus, I was already an avid reader of some blogs to begin with. So like my short little bio says, I just wanted to share my own thoughts and experiences about anything that had to do with books. At first, it didn’t occur to me, “Should I have a book blog, as someone who is part of the industry?” No, I didn’t think of it; I didn’t think it could be considered wrong in any way. All I wanted to do is talk about books and how much I like them. Simple as that. And as for books themselves, well I did come to the realization that it probably wouldn’t be fair of me to talk or give my thoughts on current children’s books. So I’ve mostly talked about graphic novels and adult fiction and even older children’s or teen books from years ago. I just want to share with people other books they might not have heard of, not just current books that are out; and write about why I liked the books. Have I seen other people review the books I work with? Yes. And you know what, everyone’s entitled to their own opinion. Cause not everyone has to like every book out there. If for some reason I happened to have read a negative review of a book that I work with, it doesn’t bug me.

My job is to talk about books. My job is to go “Over here! Read this fantastic new title!” And I love it. I enjoy working with other people who have the same passion as I do. We’re in the business of books and we like them! It’s fun and challenging to come with ideas on how to get people interested in our books. I’ve been to a few conferences and despite the pain of standing on your feet for 8 hours without a lunch break, I get all excited when I ask a librarian or a teacher if they are looking for something particular, or I show them a new title, and just start chatting them up about the books we have and what they’re about. And it’s so nice to see some of the same people who come up to me and recognize me and start chatting again as if months hadn’t passed since our last conference meeting.

As the handful of regular readers will notice, I buy a lot of books. And I think working in publishing really set me on the course on book-buying frenzies; that and probably having a steady income helped too. I may work for a publishing company, but that does not stop me from opening up my wallet and spending money on books. You need proof of that? Just look at my IMM posts. I don’t want to give the impression that just because I work in the industry, I get free books 24/7. I don’t. My bookcases are just bursting and despite my best efforts, books are slowly starting to end up on the floor. And my poor husband? He just shakes his head in dismay.

So why have I been mulling over this post for so long? Well, I know that a few bloggers have shared their bad experiences, in terms of people writing to them and telling them that it’s not fair that these bloggers get all these free books and galleys and the regular people get left out. Plus there have been other issues as well. And I guess I didn’t want to have to go through that sort of experience myself. I know how big bloggers are these days and trust me, I’ve sent out books from work to lots of them…maybe even  you!

So, what am I trying to get at with this post? It feels like a confession of some sorts. Maybe it is. But this is what it boils down to:

First and foremost….I am a reader and lover of books and that’s how I want to be considered in this blog. Hence wanting to blog about books and such, and chat with other bloggers. Heck, I’ve discovered some new books as well, books I never heard of or would not have thought to pick up earlier. And what’s also great is that I get to chat with all you fun people about books. That’s a big highlight for me and that is not an understatement.

So there you have it. All my cards are laid out before you. Take them as they are.

Now I think I’ll put the cat back in the bag.