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The New York Int’l Children’s Film Festival

This has turned into a yearly tradition for me. I wrote about what my friend and I saw last year, so this is the third year I’ve gone to see some movies for this festival.
Due to some unseen circumstances, my friend was unable to come this year with me, after we had bought tickets already. [...]

A Very Belated NCTE Post

So I’m gonna skip some details on this post.
I think I’ve written enough of these conference posts for you to know how this all goes: get up early at conference city, set up booth all day, be on the exhibit floor for many, many hours; go to the bathroom when you think there is a [...]

Children’s Book Trivia

The Children’s Book Council held its annual Children’s Book Trivia night last Thursday night, organized by the Early Career Committee of the Council. The prize? A golden bunny, and the chance to be known as a know-it-all. Honestly, I have no idea why the awards are bunnies. But they’re cute and golden:

One of my colleagues [...]

New York Comic Con 2010

Oh how excited I was to go to NYCC this year! This was my third one that I’ve been to. The first time I went in 2008, I was quite overwhelmed because I had only just, just, started to read comics and graphic novels. Last year, I sort of new what I was doing by [...]

Road Trip Adventures

So, this is about two months late. In June, Josh and I packed up our car and ourselves and drove South. First stop was Myrtle Beach for two nights, then a stop in Tampa to see family, then some wonderful days in Key West, then back up to Orlando for three days, and then two [...]

Traveler Food and Books: Food and Free Books

On our way to our friends in Boston for the Fourth of July weekend, we stopped by this place. It is right of exit 74 on I-84 on Connecticut. Now here’s the thing, I’ve driven that way to-and-from Boston many times during the later years of college. I never saw the sign for it. No [...]

Texas Library Association 2010: San Antonio

I love going to conferences. Not only do I get to talk up our books to librarians, but I get to just talk about books in general and see what other publishers are doing. And I get to see some old faces from previous conferences. This was my second TLA conference, and my second time [...]

The Secret of Kells: The Movie

Ok, I know I already posted about the NYICFF but I have to mention now the movie The Secret of Kells, which I went to see on Tuesday on a whim, and Josh actually joined me. The NYICFF was running lots of showtimes for this movie, especially after it got nominated for an Oscar, and [...]

Bookbinders’ Guild of New York 24th Annual NY Book Show

So what was this?
It’s the show where you get to touch and feel all sorts of books. And judging is based purely on the packaging. The judging actually happens back in late Fall, and in March the winning books are put on display for you to look at in the annual show. So all those [...]

New York International Children’s Film Festival

The New York Int’l Children’s Film Festival is the country’s largest annual film festival for kids, featuring intelligent and thought-provoking films from around the world. The Festival also has monthly screenings at select New York theaters and produces an annual nationwide tour.
Last year, my friend and I stumbled upon this Film Festival, and [...]