I live in New York City and I'm surrounded by books all day and when I go home I have more books waiting for me. Read my "About" page on top to see what I mean. I just want to share my book experiences and my love of all-things-books, with hopefully the occasional review thrown in. If you wish to contact me, the address is polishoutlanderATgmailDOTcom

Traveler Food and Books: Food and Free Books

On our way to our friends in Boston for the Fourth of July weekend, we stopped by this place. It is right of exit 74 on I-84 on Connecticut. Now here’s the thing, I’ve driven that way to-and-from Boston many times during the later years of college. I never saw the sign for it. No [...]

The Abbey Bookshop in Paris

During one of our days of meandering through Paris, we came upon a sign posted on a fence outside a Metro station, written in prominent letters “English Books! Over 35,000 books! Just around the corner!” So¬† we looked at the little street map printed on it and as it turned out, it was just around [...]

Shakespeare says “Bonjour!”

Sunday, August the 16th was our first full day in Paris. And where did we go? To Shakespeare and Company, of course. It is beautifully located right off the Ile de Cite (where Notre Dame is situated), so as you sit outside the bookstore, you have the glorious gothic cathedral looking right at you. I [...]