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A Very Belated NCTE Post

So I’m gonna skip some details on this post.
I think I’ve written enough of these conference posts for you to know how this all goes: get up early at conference city, set up booth all day, be on the exhibit floor for many, many hours; go to the bathroom when you think there is a [...]

I’m in Disney for…

It’s all work, and no play for the next few days.
You NCTE folk are cruel, having a conference at Disney with no time alloted for Disney fun.
But authors are fun. That’s all that matters. And talking about books.
A full report to follow after I get back. I have to squeeze in some homework [...]

ALA Book Cart Drill Teams

One thing I always forget about at conferences is the Book Cart Drill Teams, especially at ALA. So, what is it?
In 2005, DEMCO sponsored the first Book Cart Drill Team World Championship, held at the American Library Association Annual Conference in Chicago, Illinois. People from all over the United States put together drill teams to [...]

In My Mailbox (51): The ALA Edition

In My Mailbox is hosted by The Story Siren. Thanks Kristi!
You know, everytime I go to conferences, I think I won’t be able to pick up anything since I’m in the booth all day. But I realized at ALA, that the best time to look at other booths and such is when I go to the [...]

Another Quick and Dirty Recap: ALA

It has been an interesting month of June. for me I get back from vacation and only a week later I go off to Washington DC at the last minute for the ALA conference. I got back from the conference late Monday night. But I had been there since that previous Wednesday night. So Thursday [...]

In My Mailbox (49): The BEA Edition

In My Mailbox is hosted by The Story Siren. Thanks Kristi!
So I thought I’d do something slightly different. I want to show what I got at BEA, but I want to show the books that were not necessarily the ones that people stood in long lines for. Cause, just like last year, I stumbled upon some [...]

BEA: The Quick and Dirty Recap

It’s Thursday evening as I write this. It’s finally raining and thundering here. I’ve been awake since 5:30 this morning. These past two days felt long. And I still have work to go to in the morning.
So what was one of the highlights? Well, meeting Cat from Beyond Books! She met me where I work [...]

BEA: My Random Tips and Pointers

Book Expo America is now a week away. I’ve been seeing a lot on the lovely blogosphere that many are giving out some advice on attending BEA. Well, last year was my first time going, and I wrote up two long and detailed posts about it. So what is my advice? Well:
1. Wear comfortable clothing! [...]

Texas Library Association 2010: San Antonio

I love going to conferences. Not only do I get to talk up our books to librarians, but I get to just talk about books in general and see what other publishers are doing. And I get to see some old faces from previous conferences. This was my second TLA conference, and my second time [...]

I’m MIA at TLA

Tomorrow I head out on a jet place down South to San Antonio for the TLA conference. It’s my second TLA conference, and my second time in San Antonio. And where exactly in San Antonio is this conference? Well…it’s right next to this place:

Yep! It’s right by the The Alamo!
So Wednesday is booth set-up day, [...]