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The New York Int’l Children’s Film Festival

This has turned into a yearly tradition for me. I wrote about what my friend and I saw last year, so this is the third year I’ve gone to see some movies for this festival.
Due to some unseen circumstances, my friend was unable to come this year with me, after we had bought tickets already. [...]

A Very Belated NCTE Post

So I’m gonna skip some details on this post.
I think I’ve written enough of these conference posts for you to know how this all goes: get up early at conference city, set up booth all day, be on the exhibit floor for many, many hours; go to the bathroom when you think there is a [...]

Children’s Book Trivia

The Children’s Book Council held its annual Children’s Book Trivia night last Thursday night, organized by the Early Career Committee of the Council. The prize? A golden bunny, and the chance to be known as a know-it-all. Honestly, I have no idea why the awards are bunnies. But they’re cute and golden:

One of my colleagues [...]

BEA: The Quick and Dirty Recap

It’s Thursday evening as I write this. It’s finally raining and thundering here. I’ve been awake since 5:30 this morning. These past two days felt long. And I still have work to go to in the morning.
So what was one of the highlights? Well, meeting Cat from Beyond Books! She met me where I work [...]

BEA: My Random Tips and Pointers

Book Expo America is now a week away. I’ve been seeing a lot on the lovely blogosphere that many are giving out some advice on attending BEA. Well, last year was my first time going, and I wrote up two long and detailed posts about it. So what is my advice? Well:
1. Wear comfortable clothing! [...]