I live in New York City and I'm surrounded by books all day and when I go home I have more books waiting for me. Read my "About" page on top to see what I mean. I just want to share my book experiences and my love of all-things-books, with hopefully the occasional review thrown in. If you wish to contact me, the address is polishoutlanderATgmailDOTcom

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo: The Movie

A few weeks ago, I asked Josh to watch this with me. I didn’t want to wait for him to read the book. Because I really wanted to watch the movie since I liked the book so much. When we finished watching it, I gave him the whole spiel about the differences between the book [...]

The Secret of Kells: The Movie

Ok, I know I already posted about the NYICFF but I have to mention now the movie The Secret of Kells, which I went to see on Tuesday on a whim, and Josh actually joined me. The NYICFF was running lots of showtimes for this movie, especially after it got nominated for an Oscar, and [...]

New Moon: The Movie

Last Monday, after work, I went to see New Moon by myself. No one I knew had any desire to see it. Part of me had wanted to see it when it first came out only to see the gaggle of girls everywhere and see all that for myself. When I saw it, it was [...]